Player Registration

Registration days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5pm- 8pm starting September 3rd until the end of November. Any time after this please call in and ask for days and times (775)223-3542.
The process should be quick and easy, if you bring in everything you need!
1.Original Birth Certificate (viewing purposes only)
2.School Transcript or Immunization Record
3.Child for a picture
You can pay cash, debit/credit or check. The registration fee depends on your category:
Adult Men Division $80
Adult Women Division $70
Youth Divisions $70
Uniform and Ref Fees: Must be purchased from the coach. Ballpark for uniform fees you are looking at anywhere from $35-$50 depending on what your coach purchased. Referee fees are $25/game and are to be split by the number of children on your team. 
Winter Futsal Practices: These too depend on the coach. Because winter practice rental space is tight and expensive some coaches decide not to practice all together; although others take advantage of the off season to keep their players up to speed. At Futsol Sports Arena an hour of practice costs $80/hr, keep in mind that the fees will be distributed amongst the players. Practice days and times will be up to your team coach. 
Games: If you are a youth player, games will be on Saturdays (playoffs and makeup games maybe on Sundays) and times will range between 7 am and 10 pm. We try to schedule younger categories ie 2012, 2011 and 2010 at about 10 am – 7 pm. 
ONLINE REGISTRATION- We currently do not count with online registration, we take the registration process very seriously as in the past there have been cheaters. All paper work must be submitted at once. 
Children without a team: We are more than happy to help you and your youngster find a team! The earlier you register the better chances we have of finding a good fit. EARLY REGISTRATION BEGINS ON SEPTEMBER 2ND and runs through SEPTEMBER 7TH this year. It will take us as long as two weeks to place your child on a team. We cannot guarantee that your child will play for a team if you do not put forth the effort to take him/her to practice.  
SEASON: Our Winter Futsal Season runs from October to March (March is the month of playoffs; please do not schedule tournaments or events during this time, as we cannot accommodate you to play on a different day or time). After our Winter Futsal Season stick around for a fun filled summer playing in our Outdoor Season that runs from April to September running at about the same price to renew registration!
You may find game days and times at ELSOLRENO.COM Page #17 and league standings on Page #16.
We have personnel checking bags during business hours. 
We do not allow outside food or drink (except for water in a plastic container, no aluminum containers please). 
We are a no weapons, no smoking facility (no ecigs or vapes).
We do not allow pets in the building with the exception of service animals (emotional support pets must stay home).
There will be an admission fee for playoffs; this includes quarterfinals, semifinals and the championship game.  

One last thing, stick around and also read our league rules, anti-harassment policy and take the opportunity to print our your player registration form. Hope to see you all soon!